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tv   [untitled]    June 29, 2011 2:30am-3:00am EDT

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chintu r.t. the headlines for you now the greek capital is braced for more violence amid a general strike and huge protests forty six were injured in clashes with police the rest comes just ahead a problem it's killed birds or even a sturdy measures to avoid defaulting on debt. the greek economic turmoil is the first challenge for the new international monetary fund chief christine lagarde the first woman to head the organization faces the tough task of fighting off the
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perception of i.m.f. is biased in favor of western countries. and fears grow the unrest in syria by its drivability. move weapons its store the eleven it threaten to stoke up further trouble in the region meanwhile israel is reportedly deploying new missile defense systems its border with lebanon. the georgian opposition leader nino version husband in brussels recently as part of a round europe trip a visit was aimed at giving an inside account of last month's violent police crackdown on protesters which told r.t. that georgia's costly p.r. campaigns hide the truth about the president something really that's today's and. georgian president saakashvili ended in violent dispersal of protesters by their
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eyes police during us now to talk more about that particular circumstance and instances in georgian politics in general is the recognized leader of georgian opposition you know. thank you very much for joining us today the first question unfortunately will be a somewhat sad one we will have to ask you about the speech are attributed to your supporters. there on the night of the protests just last more about what happened that night people knew as they made the government will use the force against the glamorous fronts but we said many times when we appeal to the population and to the people who are standing in front of the parliament buildings it may be governmental years of course but these people were really very motivated they many of them said to me and to us the leader so national assembly directly we are ready for.
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even for you think the force against us but we will show example for the rest of the population of towards europe that we have to fight for our dignity and for our rights but of course nobody was waiting. will they use the brutal force people nobody was waiting for the police will be just demonstration of force and this will be operation to punish the people who are in front of the parliament the georgia special forces surrounding the people where in trip there was no way out there was no possibility to leave the square. as we understand special forces received special instructions to arrest all them as friends and more than one hundred journalists was hope. that night to beat people brutally especially in hands. many people received serious injuries were transported it was the
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hospitals and they had the special instruction and not to allow me the leaders of the national assembly to leave. place. so. it was a real punishment for people and it's not an accidentally when one of the main supporters of the war is this mr bender kids whose quality world knowledge even in . their places said that it was a kid going to government such a brutal force against violence runs to morrows they will think twice and till they will participate in any demonstrations so one person our supporters who died despite of the fact that the government was broadcast think in t.v. that he died because of car accident which thanks to my cars which is not serious fortunately there were real footage which shows that this
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person had been beaten until the by ten fifteen special forces representatives and there you can see basically there were footage on youtube and on our website here following the many people were arrested a lot of your supporters in fact have gone missing so do you have information on their current whereabouts do you know anything about them right now about two hundred seventy eight people are. most of these people have been arrested not only trying to sikhs in the morning but afterwards and all they have. called resistance against the police result any evidence is real evidence from the side of the government of course i should but these people are political prisoners. we will appeal to strasburg court concerning all the case and what has to change in georgian politics for the country to move forward to step away from its. post
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soviet. style and move forward towards westernized country or to prosper you know i will not say right now that georgia is a post soviet country it was interesting i was in sri interest i was unfortunate souls and five. thousand. and eight even in spite of the war right now it's a typical soviet style country. in georgia right now it's a real no bullshit. we all signs of soviet regime violation of elementary constitutional norms. while ation of elementary human rights control of media. police which is just doing everything our despite of our legal obligations if it's coming from from political decisions towards a typical soviet country we are every person who we think least regime is an enemy
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of that country i remember in soviet time even when i was small. not afterwards during that period but before i read it in the books but every person who was criticizing soviet regime was. supporters or agent of. secret agent of imperioli right now in georgia is the same you can change the word imperialism with russia and every person who is criticizing saakashvili and his the regime all of them just beginning from a very serious place we are agents of russia kremlin we are just three days we are enemies of the people everything the same. you can't imagine as it wasn't for most of it you. enjoyed your people right now not everybody of course for. that many people are afraid even to call to your place to ask you how are you
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so afraid to come to the funerals if. it's really off so people who i'm not just agree with struck assurance from him and if you have a different point of view if you are supporters of a position where you have huge reach very high risk to lose their job to find finding your probably drugs or gun you have a high risk to be really just outside their of not only probably all but real life . so this is called soviet country modernized i called you can modernize the soviet union. which is the ruling right now in my country the perception of the united states officials changed all of the president's request really has the support windowed just say yes without any doubt as of right now and his regime less personal supports and it was before during president. bush's
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presidency but you know the problem is that united states is to be they have jim many problems with georgia is not priority number one so that is why quite often i have a feeling not details are high officials in the united states know what in reality is going on in georgia from another side letter where state department's conclusions in two thousand and nine two thousand and ten are where they were speaking about a little corruption or where they were staying with picking about selective justice but i think that. nevertheless even as this support which the country had right now has right now this is a mistake from the side of right. i think it's because those kind of support in eyes of many georgians creating a lot of questions people don't understand why one of the most democrates country
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in the world i'll continue to support. even less but now i was there was a regime which is absolutely not critic of the georgian president has been seen as a sort of freedom poster boy by a lot of people in the west not just the united states but in europe as well so right now as yours is your staying here in brussels and meeting with people do you find it difficult to change that perception of the georgian president you know mainly for our international community they know our real face of our country quite well of course the diplomacy means that they will never say it in public but you can compare our position of these people before to silence and stop and put themselves in. for even six of me and writes about it but of course you need time time. to. call a real face so. really
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a real face of georgian democracy. lots of unity for a year to. a little beast and a p.r. company. but nevertheless you can see quite critical articles and send him to so you can buy many things are money which is not just really spending for p.r. and a lot of companies but you can't buy everything and everyone you can lie for a short time to a ruin but you can't lie for ever to everybody so much of time but of course we need to work very seriously and that is why i'm here what has for you personally changed since you left the georgian government and switched over to the opposition side and you know my life in the government was not comforting. because i had lots of problems with governmental the team. it was very difficult to be responsible for the many decisions which was not supported in
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a close circle from my side but i am a person who is clean according groups that i was a part of their team quite often i was taking responsibility for the decisions which. was decided in spite of my. i just. decisions but i was a part of the team when i saw that. i don't want to continue like that i don't want to be responsible in front of my people for what i was think is not right but nevertheless what was done by the government i decided to leave you know personally of course being the speaker of the parliament and well called for you have security you have a lot of people around the you have just as there are a lot of people around who are trying just to say at least hello to you right now of course many things have been changed even for my friends let's say trying to
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avoid to see your speak with you or sometimes just me just. doing that they didn't see you in just the public places and of course personally not that comfortable. good of a position no party enjoyed your really difficult because there you are responsible in front of the people who trust you. and you can't protect these people even when you know that these people are absolutely innocent and right and of course the emotional needs are very difficult i remember a case. i can tell you that even more difficult for me was twenty six. twenty seven says that. night until i received any information that some people had been died when i was on. the side of special forces more difficult it was the
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second day when i was receiving every minute in my phone information that this person had been around that person had been arrested but. we don't know where he is and you have you can't do anything absolutely to protect our people. in any case you can just don't think you are have to continue to fight we're wishing you the best you know you're in there. thank you very much for coming and not talking to us thank you. if you. couldn't take three days for church free. me free. three stooges free. and free book your closet video for your media projects
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a free video gun to our teeth dot com. the greek capital is braced for more violence amid a general strike and huge protests where forty six were injured in clashes with police arrest comes just ahead of parliament scheme photo and even harsh austerity measures to avoid defaulting on it from. the greek economic turmoil is the first challenge for the new international monetary fund chief christine lagarde the first woman to head the organization chills that places the tough task of writing off the perception of the i.m.f. is biased in favor of western countries. and fears grow up under
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arrest in syria might struggle but it's in his blood to move weapons and stall that's in lebanon threatening to stoke up further trouble in the region meanwhile israel is reportedly deploying new missile defense systems there it's order with that and. we'll have more on those stories next in the quarter of an hour's time so we're going to the sports news now with the lawyer for you have some high adrenaline sports reaction for us i understand a lot well that besides the latest from wimbledon which is a thrill in itself we have a real treat for everyone today feature on one of the most very sports around find out what that is in a moment. hello welcome to sport on the artsy broadcasting globally from moscow i'm ramana costs are up and these are the headlines. the red hot favorites maria sharapova thrashes
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the mini cuts a bull's eye ball in under an hour and will play a wild card sabine lisicki in the semifinals wimbledon. while it's allianz job former world cup referee roberto resenting signs up to oversee the progress of russia's match officials. and the thrill seekers party provides arguably the most dangerous and daring sport on the planet and that's a speech or on cleve diving. refers to tennis where maria sharapova has stormed into the semifinals at wimbledon after a thrashing i mean it gets a book about in straight sets on a rain effect today in london it looked like a walk in the poor for sure of all who was also won the grass court grand slam back in two thousand and four the fifth seed russia needed just one hour flat to brush aside the slovak interrupt real draw in straight games at one point to seal an easy six one six one win and has become one of the favorites to win the title she has yet to drop a set. it's great to. experience of being. in
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the stages but i haven't been for some nights and refreshing to have and i've put a lot of work in to get to the stage and i still feel like. standing in the way next is young german sabine lisicki who was watched by u.s. open golf champion rory mcilroy that's why one year old wildcard shell shocked number ninety mary on board the frenchwoman had knocked out last year's winner serena williams in the fourth round but lost the opening said before battling back to win this second on a hard fought so i break i thought she lost that moment and you can see that the side of six one this is good that thing in the remaining grand slam semifinal after hitting a starting pitcher winners along the way she's also the first german to reach the last four at a major event since steffi graf right here wimbledon in one thousand nine hundred ninety. she really likes to play.
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she plays well. you know. i was i really wanted to win. a game and all i had i was trying for each points and didn't want to let it slip away meanwhile check number eight seed beat of her second straight wimbledon semi final after a gritty three set victory over bulgaria. despite losing the second set managed to find strength and closed out the match with her nine eight. and so happy to win the first game and bring her. then. the match between austria's it's a mere apologetic and number four seed victoria azarenka was stopped due to rain after just one game and resumed up for moving to center court from one the move didn't did not put off to outclass her opponent to secure a six three six one victory in the last four she will place that for people who are
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. playing pretty well you know and looking at their rankings and everybody keeps saying oh you should have been in some final soon it was a great win for me you know to finally newstand that it was important and. should be keeping this in front. given her in the men's quarter finals take center stage on wednesday were all of it's up for cesar through to the last eight world number one rafael nadal will face more to fish from the united states in the quarterfinals another scan your globe as will play the crowd favorite and that murray also freshman song god will face a rose better after beating fair in the previous round while stakes are rising star very much for about straight. following the arrival of world cup winner roberto carlos there's been another high profile appointments in russian football former referee roberto rose that he is taking charge of the country's match officials the forty three year old is out and has been brought in by the russian football union
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following the sacking of his predecessor city gays with in march or is it he joins on a four year deal and one of his tasks is to encourage youngsters to become professional referees and prepare them for international careers or is it his own career spanned twenty seven years and came through surprise and at last year's world cup in south africa and fell out of favor with people after a controversial decision in the argentina versus mexico last sixteen match and offered the roots are soon after incidentally or is that his fellow former coach and mentor of good luigi is in this same job in ukraine in the meantime there's been yet another managerial casualty in the russian premier league as bottom side previous of its all at sakura. told alexander to run up after eleven months in charge and they're latest to know that the homes of sports like magic just last week the six year old is the eighth manager to go since the start of the domestic season which kicks off just over three months ago but a top official insists that all the changes are for the better.
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i don't want to describe the situation as a merry go round of sorts this process is just a phase in the development of russian from bill in general and the premier league in particular we did have a kind of low point not so long ago as young inexperienced coaches were given the reins of top clubs and enjoyed makes fortunes go but now a balance exists and we have both tried in case to train is along with young and ambitious ones. finally over to some extreme action cliff diving only became competitive in the year two thousand but it was quick to attract thousands of spectators parties robert garden on takes a closer look at arguably one of the most challenging and eye catching sports on the planet. anticipation. gary. freedom. three steps pulled by resurfacing didn't know until
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the school feeling any high diver choice for this poor sweet valley he struck out for proving there is nothing impossible the only things perceived to be deadly playing dice from the d.z. heights of pull with twenty seven meters. almost three seconds of freefall only entering the water it is pitiful almost one hundred kilometers per hour. this is one of the most dangerous sports in the planet it's just a slight mistake to result in broken bones much worse. and even talk please don't ever since they have to fight their nerves before every single high dive but when the yes experience but it's not panic it's good when you're scaring off it would be far more dangerous if we weren't scared and before any high dive i realise how risky it is but you should be positive it is. scary and
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thrilling. but that's part of the enjoyment. there is a danger factor but we train. for many many years to become divers. professional. high quality and so the risk of danger is minimal life and this is the fringe serial killer shared at least where the brits. so you can hide and well conditions come together to chill and delete cleave diverse as a tool for fight diving comes within just a few hours of the high tide while the steve atlantic breeze of up to eighty kilometers girl makes the scene the coolest soul platform one of the toughest sports the weekly during serious have to all for the win like this it's a hard to stand there on the platform and one of even more important you'll have to pick your bell on i die with. these guys prove they go it takes until i felt
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dangerous weather conditions and the need for itself but over pressure and reached his dear devil's cheek they all was there would be a good indians east to them priceless you turn to the surface and take a big breath. and it is such a big rally and you may have built up so much emotions before the guy that. finally when you when you hit the water everything's ok you know so really. it's a long describable feeling. the feeling you get doing high dogs can hardly be compared to anything it's a competition it gives you an amazing drive especially when all the best gift divers come together and you manage the people. it's ikechi it's extreme. it's been completed it seems the year two thousand each passing season he takes yet more
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skill in complicated high just when we want to perfect a car we want that perfect person in the end the perfect partner just because it brings in the new elements personally and that the judge will point to this we want perfection we're looking for perfection and we judge according to. the biggest level crowed of seventy thousand spectators witnessed twelve men demonstrate their stunning abilities in the latest flick of the world cleat turning serious in leadership has been. cliff diving is an up and coming sport there are a lot of different locations all over the globe which can host high diving competitions i'm a classic cracked form typer and my sport never attracted as many spectators and cliff diving never so the french like to know what the rules and spills continued in italy next month stay tuned for in the build up to that. robert for the new party. i'll be back with another updates in
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a couple of hours are you ship channel r.t. sporting news where you can rate on our stories it's available to you at any time thanks for watching. touches that so much of an oldish using his mind to mark the freedom flotilla two point zero zero four thousand pro palestinian activists from twenty two countries perspective joint freedom flotilla two innit.
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in the czech republic ulti is available in gallery hotel as my central hotel premier of the nice or most regal full stop i eat to much and i'm a taste in bosnia and herzegovina hotties available in.


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